Community Weeding Day – March 8th

Weeding! It’s an inevitable part of Wildflowering L.A. for all of our hard-working participants and sites.

Something this project has taught us here at LAND is that, while a few wildflowers will come up in spite of weeds, most of a field’s potential is strangled by their competition for space, light, water, and nutrients. So, weeding is vital, but who wants to do it alone?

At the same time, there was much interest from people who wanted to participate in the project, but did not have a site of their own that was feasible. What happens when you put these things together?

Community Weeding! The Community Weeding Day is set for March 8th. Initially a Community Weeding Day was also planned for March 1st as well, but all sites have been postponed to March 8th due to the rainstorm (!) forecast for this weekend.

For more information, whether you have a site or just want to help, email or visit this Facebook invitation (and invite your friends!)

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