Over the past few weeks we have been receiving reports from our 50 participating Wildflowering L.A. sites across the county. Our first accounts of flowers – mostly Tidy Tips and Lupine – came in January. But with our early spring Southern California heat and sun kicking in, we have many sites experiencing their first wave of dramatic blooms. This will continue in secessional waves through June with various species coming up, flowering, and then receding as others take the stage. The most abundant blooms at the moment seem to be the Clarkia and Phacelia. Participants have been sending their ‘bloom ratings,’ their estimates of when their wildflower site might peak, some current snapshots, and general anecdotes about their experiences with the project. I have been compiling this information and adding it to our map page, which will continue to be updated through June. We have also just officially announced the public viewing/touring phase of the project. See the full announcement on my blog and go here to view the press release from LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division).

Posted by Fritz Haeg